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G Day is tomorrow!

November 5, 2009 4 comments

The GallbladderG Day is Gallbladder day. Mark is scheduled for surgery tomorrow at Riverview Medical Center. He is getting his gallbladder out as they feel that the gallstones are the cause of his stomach issues (ie: bloating and indigestion).

We are still unsure what time the surgery will be. Mark is supposed to call the hospital at 5PM today. They will tell us what time we should report to the hospital.

The surgery is scheduled to be done laparoscopically. From what I understand, based on my own limited knowledge and research, the procedure is pretty standard. They say it is a minimally invasive procedure, and recovery is much shorter than “open surgery”. Of course, if it is determined that the surgery cannot be performed laparascopically, then they will have to do it the “old fashioned way”.

If the surgery goes as planned, Mark will be able to come home Saturday sometime. Unfortunately, he did not ask questions. He found out nothing about how long the surgery will last, what the surgery will entail, possible complications, and recovery time. He never asks questions. His attitude is “it is what it is”. That certainly does not help someone like me who likes to know. I am a firm believer in “knowledge is power” (not ignorance is bliss!!).

Mark wanted me to “just drop him off” for the surgery, and come pick him up on Saturday when he was ready to go home! Can you even believe that? Anyone who knows me, would know that I can’t do that!!!!

I would never be able to live with myself. After all, I have to put myself in his place, if I was having ANY TYPE of surgery, I would want him to be there for me. I would not want to be left alone in a hospital to fend for myself.

So, I would have taken the time to be with him regardless of what he said. Besides, how would I go to work and actually concentrate while I waited for news? Geez, that is so not me!!

When Belle had her surgeries (getting spayed, and her two knee surgeries), I was a total mess until I knew that she was okay. I did go to work, but it was tough. Even after I got the call(s) that she was fine and recovering, I just wanted to go be with her, and I worried the ENTIRE night!

So tell me again, how in the world, would I work while Mark was having an organ removed?

6clockThe hospital called Mark to firm up his surgery. They went over his medications. He was told that the procedure would be about an hour and half. They would fill his belly with CO2. He would have some bloating and pain (pain killers would be prescribed!!), and if all goes well, he can come home on Saturday.

Guess what time we have to be there? It is not 11AM, or 12 noon like they first said!! We have to be there at 6:00AM!! Oh my goodness, I am sooo not thrilled about getting up at 4:00 in the morning. Gonna have to try to get ready tonight by getting the coffee ready so it’s good to drink by the time I go downstairs. And getting my clothes out so I can just shower and “pour myself into jeans and shirt!”. Probably should pack a snack for breakfast (for eating WAY after the sun comes up!). And something to drink (like water) because the coffee will be flowing through my veins long before we get to the hospital.

I am hoping that his 6AM appointment means that his surgery is scheduled for somewhere close to that time. Maybe 7AM? That would be good. I know how hospitals are. They are all about “Hurry Up and Wait”. I so hate waiting.

I will bring my Blackberry and my Kindle, and I will pass the time reading, and surfing the internet. Maybe even a blog entry if I get motivated!!

I am hoping for a good outcome. That is all I can do!