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And this too shall clot…and Good morning Officer!

January 7, 2012 Leave a comment
Mark with Dr. Eric DeLaura

Mark with Dr. Eric DeLaura

And so here we are at Image Guided Surgery on a Saturday morning. Why are we here? The graft for Mark’s dialysis is clotted again!

Mark noticed that his clotting time after they removed the dialysis needles on Wednesday was longer than normal. When Mark told me this, I suggested we call the office to get in for a cleaning. Mark poo poo’ed it because he wanted to be sure it wasn’t a fluke thing and because he didn’t really want to come here again. I learned not to argue these things because it does me no good!

Last night Mark said he took a long time to clot. Nearly 20 minutes per needle when his normal time is 7 minutes each. He finally admitted he needed to get it checked.

This morning he felt the graft to feel the flow. It was dead no blood flow through it at all. Mark called Image Guided Surgery, and the receptionist said that Davita had to send them paperwork. Mark then calls Davita and they send over the paperwork needed. We are told we are the second patient, and to come in right away.

Off to Union we go. I drove. Good old leadfoot is driving up the Garden State Parkway, and I see a police officer watch me speed by. I look at the speedometer. 84 MPH. Oh great! Moments later a New Jersey Trooper is behind me with his lights on.

I pull over. I think here it comes my first ticket in 30 years of driving. I give him my license, registration, and insurance. And I hand him my Newark FOP badge. Mark tells him he is a dialysis patient and we’re on our way for surgery to clear a clot in his graft, and we are running late and that I lost track of my speed.

The very nice Trooper hands me my documents back, tells me to drive safely, and lets us go. I’m not sure if it was the doctor appt, the FOP badge, or because I’m so cute, but luck was with us and some one liked us today. I was grateful! And we felt blessed!

So anyway, Dr. DeLaura is now clearing the clot, and hopefully all will be fine (until the next clot). I like this doctor! He’s got a good office, and he’s a straight forward doctor who really knows his stuff. I don’t feel like he’s a doctor who performs unnecessary procedures (like many do). He’s confident, but not cocky or condescending. We’re happy with him, and we trust what he says and does.

Just waiting til we are out of here. We have to go grocery shopping after this, and then relaxing for the rest of the day. I hope it’s a good day!