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A Change of Venue….

April 28, 2010 2 comments

Perth Amboy DaVita is NO MORE! Mark was approached by the Social Worker at the DaVita Center in Perth Amboy to see if he wanted to change facilities. He was given the opportunity to go to the Holmdel Center. Mark called me to see what I thought, and if he should go for the switch.

I told him to JUMP AT IT!

You see, initially Mark was put into the Perth Amboy office because it was the facility that had an availability at the time he was released from the hospital.  In fact, when he first started dialysis, the start time was 5:45PM, and he did not get home until close to 11PM. That was a tough time because Mark was still getting adjusted to the dialysis, and our whole life was turned upside down.

Not too long after he started dialysis, they had an opening at 3:30PM, and it was MUCH better for us. At least he was getting home before 9PM.

Mark looked into the Holmdel facility when he was still on the 5:45PM shift, but he was told that the last start time at that center was 2:00PM. That sure did not work with his school schedule, so we just figured that Perth Amboy was going to be it.

During breaks from school, Mark will often switch his schedule to go during the day time so that we can spend time together in the evening. He did this for Spring Break. However, he had ALL kinds of problems with his treatments. One day the technician missed his graft completely, and actually dug around trying to find it. Finally Mark got the Nurse to put his needles in for her. Another day, a different technician put on a blood pressure cuff, and Mark told her that it was the wrong size. He told her that he needed the larger cuff, but she insisted that his pressure was getting a good and accurate reading. During his treatment, he was feeling sick and lightheaded, and he told her that his blood pressure was too low. She checked it, and she told him that his pressure was actually TOO HIGH. Mark told her that that cuff was too small, and that is why the reading was not normal. The technician said it was fine.

Mark eventually got nauseous and threw up. The technician came over and finally agreed to switch the cuffs. Guess what? Mark was right. His blood pressure was low… about 79/50. Gee, you would think that the technician would know a problem…. and being that she didn’t, you would think that she would have agreed to change the cuff. Mark said that part of it was his fault. He said he should have insisted that she change the cuff. He said that he didn’t want to cause a problem, and he trusted that she was right. Now he realizes that he must be his own advocate because no one else will.

The last day of the “early” sessions didn’t go well either. He got there at the time he was scheduled for, but the woman who does the scheduling did not write his appointment change in the book. That means that no one was expecting him. They did take him and did not make him go home, but he had to wait 90 minutes in the waiting room until they could put him on. He told me that he hated the early shift, and he wanted to stay on the night shift during the summer.

The night shift was not perfect, but he did have a couple REALLY good technicians who he genuinely liked. His two favorites were Kay and Mr. Bong. Both were always so professional and GOOD AT THEIR JOBS. He said he misses them!!

When the spot opened in Holmdel, I can’t believe that Mark did not jump at it.  I am quite happy with the new venue because Mark gets home from dialysis about 8:00PM which makes him home nearly 45 minutes earlier. Also I don’t have to worry as much with him in Holmdel. Perth Amboy is not the safest place to be at night. He also had to walk across the street to the parking deck, and parking was always a problem. I also felt that the Perth Amboy Center did not have good security.

Holmdel is a nice area. The center has its own parking lot right near the door, and it is SOOO close to home. I would guess it is about 2 miles or less. Perth Amboy was close to 9 miles.

Of course, I would be happier if we were not going through dialysis, but such is life!!!

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