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Hello CPAP… Bye Bye Sleep Apnea!

November 15, 2011 Leave a comment
Sleep Study

All Hooked Up for his sleep study!

Mark had his second sleep study on Saturday, November 12th. It’s official. He has sleep apnea and his CPAP machine is ordered.

Mark didn’t get a copy of the sleep study like I asked him to, but he did tell me bits and pieces of what he learned.

He was told that his oxygen saturation goes very low at night. His heart stops 90 times an hour, and his breathing is worse when he sleeps on his back.

The technician told him that the settings for the CPAP machine had to be set very high because he’s got one of the worse cases she’s ever seen. The study results will go to the doctor, and the CPAP machine is being ordered with factory pre-set settings. He was told when (if?) he loses weight, he will need to go for another sleep study to see if his CPAP machine will need to be reset.

We are not sure when the CPAP is coming. Mark didn’t find that out. He also didn’t call the doctor. No use nagging him. He will do it in his own time.

I hope this helps because I have never seen anyone just fall asleep on a dime!


Sleep Apnea: Can I say “I told you so”?

November 11, 2011 4 comments

On Monday, November 7th, Mark went for his sleep study. He went there directly after his dialysis treatment. He called me before the study started, and simply told me that he had his own room, the bathroom was down the hall, and the technician would be in shortly to hook him up and get him ready.

He got home about 6:30 on Tuesday morning. He brought home breakfast and coffee for us. I thought that was pretty sweet of him. He was told that he has sleep apnea. (Like I didn’t know that YEARS ago!) The study showed that he stops breathing “quite often” during the night. Of course, Mark has never been one to ask too many questions, so I really do not have many details. He did tell me that the technician said that his oxygen levels go very low.

He goes for another sleep study tomorrow night. This time it will be a study using a CPAP machine.

CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, is a treatment that uses mild air pressure to keep your airways open. CPAP typically is used for people who have breathing problems, such as sleep apnea.

CPAP treatment is done using a CPAP machine. CPAP machines have three main parts:

  • A mask or other device that fits over your nose or your nose and mouth. Straps keep the mask in place while you’re wearing it.
  • A tube that connects the mask to the machine’s motor.
  • A motor that blows air into the tube.

I am hoping that the treatment for his sleep apnea will eliminate his excessive sleepiness. I know that kidney disease can cause fatigue, but that is completely different from falling asleep in the middle of the day. I also hope that this eliminates his snoring, his gasping for air, and the breath holding that he does constantly. I might actually get a good night of sleep!!