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Graft clean out….again!

April 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Another Saturday morning at Image Guided Surgery and Aesthetics in Union, NJ.  Mark’s graft has been slow to clot. He went from a six minute clot time to 20-30  minutes. That means two things for him. Firstly it usually indicates that there is a clot in the graft or some sort of blockage. The second thing is that it drags out his treatment time, making it even harder for him. So Mark simply gives Alex a call and he sets Mark up with a Saturday morning appointment.

Dr. Eric DeLaura is not here today. Another doctor will be taking care of Mark. The receptionist and I were talking, and the doctor Mark is seeing is a interventional radiologist just like Dr. DeLaura. The doctors’ name is Dr. Latif.
I like Dr. DeLaura for his personality and his willingness to talk to his patients. Dr. Latif doesn’t know us do he was obviously more quiet. But this office is great. The people are do friendly and they do everything to make you feel at ease.

I’m relatively sure that Dr. Latif will clear the problem, and we will be good to go on with our day.

I don’t really like that the graft continually clots. We do end up getting this thing cleared about every one our two months which its really to often. I think the optimum time is about three months.

At least the doctors are able to clear the clots and it doesn’t need surgical intervention. I used to be very scared when Mark would have graft problems. I just assumed that he would need a replacement or a stay in the hospital. But as we move forward in this journey, I start to realize that in most cases it can be fixed.

This is still a very scary journey for us. But, like other kidney patients and their loved ones, you simply have to take things one day at a time.  The key is proper diet, moderation of fluid intake, regular follow ups with doctors, attending all dialysis treatments, and a good support system.

Mark is not perfect, but for the most part he really does try very hard to manage this condition. I try to support Mark and keep him on track without nagging. It’s fine line for us. We still have our hopes and dreams for the future, but it is difficult to plan because you never know what the future holds.

Of course no one really knows what the future holds. Life can change on a dime. But as I’ve learned, mostly in the past three years, we can only control certain things. I certainly don’t wish kidney failure on anyone, but at least it is manageable. There are conditions that have no treatments. There are organs that cannot be transplanted so I guess we are in the luckier bunch.

After today’s procedure, we are going to run our normal Saturday errands. Then it’s a quiet day tomorrow. It is supposed to be a completely wet and rainy day so it is gonna be a day of cooking, relaxing, and some movies.

I will admit I like Mark being home from work. I enjoy spending time with him so this makes it easier for us. I also enjoy that he can get more rest and therefore feel better. He has been feeling well enough to do stuff around the house…and he had been making me lunch for when I go into the office!

I’m still looking forward to a successful transplant and a fresh start but we are not there yet and the road will be a long one. But I have hope. I still want to grow old with Mark and share a happy retirement together. I would still like my boat and my beach house.

FYI: Mark’s great is all clear and he is eating his tuna sandwich and having his apple juice! We are just about ready to get out of here and start the day.

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