The Cast of Characters

The Remake 2013

Bonni – A woman who is stronger than she EVER thought possible.
Belle – The (still extremely) spoiled Goldendoodle who provides unconditional love
George – Bonni’s new boyfriend (effective May 2013) who is proving to be quite the special man


The Family

Mark – suffers from Kidney Disease that requires dialysis, diabetes, and hypertension
Bonni – the wife of Mark who took the vow “for better or worse, in sickness and health”
Belle – the spoiled (and oh so loved) Goldendoodle who gets treated better than some children

Mark’s Doctors (so far)

Richard Goldstein – the primary care physician
Luca DeSimone – Nephrologist who diagnosed the kidney disease
Seth Webber – Gastroenterologist who diagnosed the gallbladder disease
Hung Nguyen – Surgeon who removed the diseased gallbladder
Ossama Hozayen – second nephrologist (although we first met him in May/June of 2009 when this journey all began) who replaced Dr. DeSimone — for no particular reasons other than a change of venue for dialysis
Pankaj A. Doshi – the infectious disease doctor assigned to Mark’s case in July 2010
Alfonso Ciervo – Vascular Surgeon who removed Mark’s infected graft and put in a new bovine graft in 2010
David Romano – the nephrologist who visits Mark at dialysis (a sort of sub for Dr. Hozayen)
Mona Awad – Pulmonologist  (Snoring and sleep apnea diagnosis) – also the wife of Dr. Hozayen)
Eric DeLaura, Vascular & Inter\\ventional Radiologist – the doctor who cleans outs the gunk and clots in Mark’s dialysis graft

The Hospitals

John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Edison, NJ – where it all began
Bayshore Hospital – ER Visits (gallbladder disease, Sepsis, hypervolumia aka fluid overload and maladies)
Riverview Medical Center – Gallbladder surgery

The DaVita Centers

Perth Amboy, NJ
Holmdel, NJ

Various Medical Facilities

Image Guided Surgery  & Aesthetics, Union, NJ – the medical office that handles the management of Mark’s dialysis access graft
Robert Wood Johnson Univ. Hospital – Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Center, New Brunswick, NJ – where Mark will hopefully get new kidney

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