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I have a funny story for you!

October 23, 2009 1 comment

That is what Mark’s primary care physician, Dr. Richard Goldstein, said to him when he went for his appointment yesterday.

Dr. Goldstein told Mark that sometimes he googles himself. Well, on one of the days that he googled himself, he ran across this blog. He told Mark that he read it and bookmarked it. His observation to Mark was that “your wife really likes to write”, and the blog seems to be my means of venting. Ya think?

Actually when life is going along at a good clip, I don’t need to “vent” like I do when I am frustrated and irritated.

So anyway, I just found this “funny story” to be amusing!! It’s nice to know that my blog interests all kinds of people. I have received comments from other spouses of dialysis patients, actual dialysis patients, healthcare providers, and dialysis center team members!! Now I have an actual doctor following me!! Who would have known!!

So… with that… I say…


The Pesky Gallbladder!!

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Mark went to see a General Surgeon today about his gall stones. He has been considering getting it removed for the past few weeks since he had the Ultrasound. He figures that now is a good time to get it out since he is out of work until December. He does not want the gallstones to flair up just when he goes back to work, and he has to take time off then.

I sort of agree. Although the thought of more hospital stuff and surgery and medications and recuperating does scare me some. However, the surgeon said that the surgery would be done laparoscopically, and he would only be in the hospital overnight. The only bad thing is that the surgery is being done at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, which is, of course, not a convenient place for us to go. I had hoped it would be done at Bayshore since that is right down the road. But as I am learning, nothing with Mark’s health issues is convenient!

The surgeon is going to work on the approval with the health insurance company, and we should have something scheduled in a few weeks. Hopefully this surgery will end Mark’s stomach problems once and for all. He has been feeling pretty good these days, but he still says he has some indigestion and bloating. Let’s hope that the surgery will eliminate his trouble, and we can just contend with the Kidney Failure and dialysis.

Mark also has lost enough weight (25 pounds) which meets the criteria of the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital to warrant an appointment with the Transplant Department. Of course, they only do evaluations a few times a week. Our appointment is scheduled for December 3rd. I think it is a Thursday. I want to go with him so I can hear it all first hand.

Mark and I are enjoying our time together. We spend Tuesday and Thursday evenings together. Sometimes we even take a nap when I get home! We also spend our weekends together which is really nice even if we do nothing special. On the nights when he has dialysis, I find things to do on my own. I will shop, or talk to friends on the phone, or catch up on some of the TV shows that I DVR’ed. I am considering joining some sort of group on I figure that will be something that can keep me occupied or get me motivated. I will try to find something that interests me!! Maybe some outside interests will help me keep my mind and body healthier?

Life has been pretty good…

October 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, it’s been about a month since my last entry. This has been mostly due to Mark feeling pretty good. Lately he seems to be having more good days than bad.

He got the results from his endoscopy, and it seems that the biopsy was normal. Like I had said previously, Mark has gallstones. He is considering getting his gallbladder removed (even tho the gastroenterologist said it was not necessary until he was having pain). Mark believes that his remaining stomach issues are due to the gallstones, and has called a surgeon for a consultation.

We seem to be getting into a routine these days. Mark never complains about going to dialysys, but I am sure he does not want to go. I wish they let him have visitors as I would love to visit him for a while. But they now are really cracking down. They had all the patients sign forms about no visitors due to the transmission of disease – especially Swine Flu. While I do understand it, I think that the dialysys patients could benefit from the support of family.

As for me, I think I am accepting or adjusting to our new lot in life. I still worry all the time, but I also know there is nothing to do but keep on living.

I’ve been trying to keep busy on the nights that Mark has dialysis. Most nights I try to do chores like cleaning so it frees me up on the weekends. I also kill a lot of time on facebook. Some friends got me into games like Farmtown, Farmville, Yoville, and Island Paradise. It can kill some time and help with the boredom and loneliness!

I have been also working with my friend Dawn on marketing strategies for BAC Virtual Solutions, which is my business that provides virtual office support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. I have not done much work with it, but I believe it has great potential – especially in this economy where businesses may not be able to afford to hire someone.

So Dawn and I have been working together to find a niche and get some business and new clients. This also is keeping me busy, and it keeps me motivated. In all honesty, I would love to get my business up and running again. It is also important to me to help Dawn earn money. If she gets us work, I will make it worth her while!

Anyway, that has been my life in a nutshell. I am happy – or should I say thrilled that Mark has been feeling good lately. He seems like the wonderful man that I married. He is back to joking around and being playful. He has been cooking and wanting to do things again!! I am liking it. I just hope that it lasts!! I know he will have bad days, but I love these good ones!!!

Today we are sitting at The Access Center in West Orange. Mark is supposed to get his graft checked after they had to remove a clot last month. Our appointment was at 10am. It is now 11:15am, and he has not even been seen yet. It is so annoying, but I am happy that Mark got us Blackberrys so I am able to write email and blog!! I was not sure I wanted or needed a Blackberry, but now I am thrilled we got them. Granted, typing blog entries and email on this tiny keyboard is tedious and slow going, it does let me be in touch with world!!!

So there you have it, life is pretty good right now anyway.

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