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The Adjustment Period

July 1, 2009 Leave a comment

I think both Mark and I are adjusting to this whole process — at least as well as we can. Mark seems to be adjusting better than I am. He takes things in stride with a healthy “it is what it is” attitude. I don’t have that attitude. I would not say I am “doom and gloom”, but I not exactly a “glass half full” person when it comes to this dialysis.

Mostly Mark seems to be having more days where he feels good rather than bad. We have this “Rating System”. We use the 1-10 Scale. 10 is “feeling great” and 1 would be “I need to go to the hospital. So far on most days, Mark has been a 7-8.5. He did have a day where he said he felt like a “4”, but he took a nap, and felt much better.

He did get his Report Card again last week. Things are very similar to the first report card.

Albumin – still low – dropped .3

Hemoglobin – still low. Dropped .6

Iron Saturation – Low. Dropped 5 points

Ferritin is good.

Calcium is good

Phosphorus is low.

CAxPhos Corrected is good

Pth Intact – Was 934 and dropped to 639 (still very high – should be 150 – 300)

Potassium is good

spKt/V is low but went up slightly (.01)

Cholesterol is 154 and is good

Glucose is 205 – still too high

HGB A1c is 5.2.

Not much change, but he talked to the dietician, and she said that it often takes a while for the levels to become normal. She also said that the appropriate supplements are being given during the dialysis. Mark talked to her about his fatigue. He said he feels better, but still often feels very tired. She said that many patients say it takes MONTHS for that to go away. Once they get his Nutrition Report under complete control, his fatigue should subside.

He also switched time schedules for the month of July. Being that school (work) is out until September, he is going in on M, W, and F at 10:30AM. I actually like it because he is home in the evening, and we get to spend more time together, so it makes things seem “more normal”.

Today DaVita called at 7AM, and they wanted to know if Mark wanted to come in at 8:30AM. He surely did, and he was quite happy to get in early and have most of the day free.

Mark is going to make an appointment with the transplant center at Robert Wood Johnson. We’d like to get a Thursday appointment so that I can take a long weekend.

Next week, Mark gets surgery on his other cataract, and he is having his perma-cath removed since the AV graft seems to be working well for him.

Will post again over the weekend….

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