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Mark and the graft are fighting again!

So we went to the Access Center on April 21 to get the graft cleaned out. It was clogged but it was taking a long time to clot, and that’s always a sure sign that it is on its way to a shut down! Our regular doctor was not there, so we had another one. He cleaned it all out and thought we were on our way.

Wrong! About a week after having the graft cleaned out, the long bleeding times began again. Mark made an appointment with the access center for May 3rd to get it checked again. His clotting time had increased to about 15 minutes per needle stick. That is about DOUBLE what it normally is when the graft is working fine.

By the time he went to his appointment (two days after making the appointment), the graft had clotted. It was dead as a doornail. Dr. DeLaura cleared it out. He told Mark to cut back on his aspirin as that might be causing the long bleed times. Although he was not sure why it was clotting. Usually when Dr. DeLaura cleans it out, we are good for a month or so… sometimes longer.

Not even a week later, the graft is not “feeling right”. When it runs normally, there is a “whooshing” feeling when you hold your hand to it. It almost feels like water flowing through a garden hose. When the graft is not working properly (usually when it’s starting to clot), you feel a thud thud (like a strong heartbeat). That’s what we were feeling two days after the graft was last cleared. That is definitely not a GOOD sign.

When Mark went to dialysis yesterday, the nurse listened to the graft with a stethoscope, and she felt that there was a clot in the loop part of the graft. They were able to get the needles in so that Mark could have his treatment, but it was not running at “full power”.

So Mark is at Image Guided Surgery as I write. He is there for a consult and a clot clearing. I hope he talks to Dr. DeLaura about why this keeps happening. I am waiting for him to call or text me to let me know what is going on with it. He called me at 11:45 AM to tell me that the car service had gotten him there. He takes the car service so that he can get the “twilight sedation” instead of just the numbing agents. I know his appointment was at 12:30, and he was waiting to be seen. I am hoping to hear from him soon.

It’s very frustrating. I do admire how Mark takes it all in stride and has a “it is what it is” attitude. He really is a trooper through all of this. I am not sure that I would or could be so strong!

Of course, I think all the worst case scenarios. I think the graft has gone bad. I worry that it will get infected and have to be removed. I start to spiral into a world of what ifs, and that is SOOOOO not good!!!

I will be strong… and I will wait for him to call …. and I hope for GOOD NEWS!

  1. Julee Cormier
    September 3, 2012 at 11:17 PM

    I’m ready some of your comments. I see so much of what I’m going through written in your words. The only difference is that the patient is my son. A hard headed stubborn 23 yr. old who’s been on dialysis for almost six years. He lives at home and I handle all his insurance claims and paper work for anything related to his kidney failure. It’s not an easy life but it’s one we both a have to live. I blame myself for his kidney disease because it’s inherited through me. I carry the gene. Some days I try to pretend everything is going to be alright and other days I try not to think at all. Just wanted you to know I feel your pain.
    Julee Cormier

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