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Busy Weekend….

It’s been a busy weekend for us. Both days started early for us. Yesterday we had to get up before 8AM so we could call Dr. Ciervo. He wanted to do a post surgical follow-up. He was free to meet up at Bayshore Hospital at 8:30AM. We rushed like crazy people to get ready to leave. I don’t like rushing to get out of the house. I prefer to have some time, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. I showered, pulled my hair up into a clip, let Belle out, fed Belle, and by that time, we were ready to leave. Luckily, it only takes us about 5 minutes to get to the hospital. We got there a few minutes before Dr. Ciervo did.

He looked at Mark’s surgical site. He said it looked good. He said that the pain should subside slowly, which it has been doing. He looked at the other site where the graft was removed. It is still open, but part of the tissue is mushrooming upward instead of closing. He said that he would like to “burn it” so that it could heal a bit better. We were going to have it burned next week, but he said he would be able to fit him in during the afternoon (he had two surgical procedures to do but would be going back to his office afterwards).  We figured that since it was so nice out (the perfect day to drive to Eatontown in Lil Red), we might as well take advantage of it.

So at 2ish, we took the ride to Eatontown. We even brought Belle with us so she would not have to be left alone! The weather was so beautiful! In the 70s, absolutely sunny, low humidity….. the perfect day. I loved the ride!!! Belle and I waited in the car while Mark went to see the doctor. We parked in the sun, leaving the top down. I read on my Kindle (still reading Breaking Dawn… the 4th book in the Twilight series) while I listened to Bruce Springsteen on Sirius Radio!

Mark was not in the office too long. The doctor took another look at his incision site. He told him that he could leave the bandage off of it starting on Sunday. He also burned the old graft site and covered it with a bandage.

He probably was not in the office more than 10 minutes! Then we drove home… again, the day was gorgeous, and I think I could have driven around forever!!!

Today, which is Sunday, was another early morning for us. We got up at 6:30 so we could get Belle to the groomer by 8AM. I always question what would make me decide to make her appointment so darn early, but once we are up and moving, I feel much better having not wasted the day!!

We took Belle for her appointment, and then we went to the Red Oak Diner for breakfast. We ran a few errands such as Walgreens and gas. There was not enough time for us to go home and relax, so we went to dollar store.  While on our way, we got the call the Belle was done. Perfect timing!

I had plans to cook Belle’s chickens, do laundry, and do some writing, but those plans were squashed when we had no power when we got home!!  We waited for a bit, then called JCP&L to get a status on the outage. We were told it would be about 12:30… Ugh!! We had nearly 2 hours… not a good thing… so we napped!!!

I did manage to get the chicken cooked and the laundry done… as I always do.

Overall, it was a good weekend…

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