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Graft Surgery is Tomorrow…

It’s been three weeks since we saw the Vascular Surgeon. And it is now the night before surgery for a new dialysis graft.

We have to be at Bayshore Hospital at 8:30AM. And then we will do the “hurry up and wait” thing that the medical industry is so famous for!

Mark says he is not anxious or nervous or worried. I guess I make up for that. I have a very distinct feeling that it will be a Xanax night for me!!

I am guessing I will read until my eyes don’t focus any more, pop a pill, and wait for the morning. It’s gonna be a long day.

Of course I have no details. Mark never really thought to ask. So I don’t know how long the surgery will take. I only know it is Same Day Surgery because he brought home some literature when he had his pre-admission testing done.

I know that there will be some serious pain. And very extensive bruising. We have done this graft thing before.

The surgeon wanted to be sure that the site where the infected graft was removed has healed. There is still an open wound about the size of a dime. Mark DID talk to the surgeon about it, but he said that they would cover it up real tight, and that would keep the risk of infection down to the bare minimum.

I would have preferred to wait until it was completely healed until I had another surgery, but Mark wants to be able to go back to school next week. I give him a lot of credit. I am not sure that I would be so brave. I think I would curl up into the fetal position and feel sorry for myself. That is SOOO not him though. He has told me that he gets down and depressed sometimes (who wouldn’t???) but not very long, and he says he has faith that he will be fine and get a kidney. And he says he has to take care of me and Belle and give us the things that he promised us!

Tomorrow is not gonna be fun. But hopefully it will go smoothly. All I can do is hope and pray for the best outcome. And keep my head up!

Ok… so…

Time for snack!!! The ice cream is calling my name…. 🙂

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