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He’s just itching for another infection!!

I love this man dearly, but he can try my patience to no end!

I have to wonder if he is his own worst enemy — or mine!!

Tonight he was constantly scratching at the bandage of his OPEN wound on his arm where he had surgery to remove the infected graft. He succeeded in loosening the bandage and was scratching underneath it. Now it is an open wound with neosporin on a 2×2 guaze pad and then a 4×4 pad on top of it which is held on his arm with 4 pieces of tape around the edges. Then an ace-like bandage is wrapped around his arm.

He was digging around and scratching, and I kept telling him to stop touching it! I happened to look over and what do I see? He’s managed to get under the bandage and I can see the top of the open wound!! Aaaaahhh!!!

The man has his dirty hands scratching around a wound that was where the sepsis originated!! I told him that we needed to clean it up and re-dress it. Wanna know what his response was?

He said it was fine!

I was pissed off beyond belief, and part of me just wanted to say, “fine, let it get infected!” But I cannot do this whole thing again! I am too drained! I think if we did this again any time soon, I would pack up my car, put Belle in the back seat, and head south, never looking back!

So after fighting with me and a lot of screaming, his bandage was removed, the wound cleaned and re-dressed, and hopefully he did no real damage.

He said I am a whack job who worries too much! Nice thing to say, huh? Honestly I believe if I had forced issues more over the years (commonly referred to as “nagging” by men), our lives would be entirely different!

Did I mention he is sulking now?

And me, I am gonna break out the Kindle and read until sleep finds me….many hours from now!

  1. August 9, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    You know if he does end up with a transplant you’re really going to have to watch him. Not only is he very susceptable to ANY infection (a bladder infection can land him in the hospital for a week), especially in the first six months, but he’ll be on a rigorous medication schedule. If they put him on Cyclosporine like my hubby, he’ll have to take that medicine, without fail, every twelve hours – almost to the minute to keep the levels balanced. The other ones aren’t as rigid, but there’s a lot to it. You’ll have to make sure you understand what it is he’s taking and when he’s supposed to take it so you can whack him when he doesn’t. The main cause of kidney (from transplant) failure/rejection is from not taking your medication – it happens very quickly and is supposedly very painful – it is also very preventable.

    Sorry for ranting, but I understand your frustration, completely … Good luck, Bonni!

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