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Today was a good day!!! :-)

As I said earlier, Mark came home last night. He had a long day! He got woken up early in the morning for his vitals. Then he was taken into surgery to have the temporary cathether removed and a perma-cath put into his chest. Then they carted him off to dialysis.

They finally fed him after dialysis, and Drs. Doshi and Hozayen both said he could go home. They started getting his discharge in order, and then they had to get the house doctor to remove the line in his neck that they put in for his surgery. It was done in less than 5 minutes.

But we had to wait nearly 2.5 hours for the discharge papers to be ready. I think we would have been out sooner, but two things happened:

  1. 1. Dr. Hozayen did not complete medication sheet
    2. The patient across the hall started screaming for help and everyone went in. Mark saw him in dialysis earlier. Mark thought he was about mid-40s. He is not compliant with his insulin and his phosphorus binders, which obviously causes issues in his health. When he came in, his blood sugar was extremely high (dangerous levels). Mark said while they were in dialysis, the guy was complaining of being itchy all over (which can be a side effect of dialysis… or a form or neuropathy from the diabetes). And he was cursing and screaming at the nurses. Last night he was screaming and getting nasty with people! And he held up our discharge for a long time.

Any way, we got home, and Doodles was soooo happy to see her Daddy!! Mark was tired, but he had a little snack and some juice. We went to bed about 11PM. We talked a lot, and he said he was feeling tired but happy to be home.

Today we got up and both got cleaned up and dressed. He said he was feeling pretty good. I went out grocery shopping (since all the food I bought for the past two weeks was not something he wanted to eat!!) and picked up his prescription and some chinese food.

We had a nice quiet day together. I think both of us were just happy to be a family again!! We took a nap this afternoon, and watched TV in the evening. I did learn some things about the day that Mark went to the hospital that annoyed and disturbed me:

  1. 1. when he vomited, he said he was shaking so badly that he could only sit on the closed toilet and throw up in the garbage
    2. he doesn’t remember talking to the dialysis lady in the morning when he missed his appointment
    3. he never called Dr. Hozayen’s office — even though he told me that he called twice but no one answered
    4. he remember very little about going to the hospital or being in the Emergency Room
    5. he thought he had a “little” bug and never realized how sick he was
    6. he said he could not see to text me, and doesn’t remember what I said in my text messages or what he responded
    7. he had no idea that we were in the ER for over 6 hours

Kind of scary, huh? I am thinking that more “confessions” will come out as time goes on! Should we have another sickness of any kind, we are off to the ER!! No more waiting. He absolutely positively did NOT want to be taken by ambulance to the hospital, but next time there will be NO debating it. Either he will go when I say we’re going, or the paramedics will come and carry his butt out the door on stretcher for all the neighbors to see!! I will NOT go through this again. Although we could not avoid the infection, had we gone to the ER the night before, I bet a lot of it could have been avoided.

What’s done is done, but we live and learn.

So now we are on the road to recovery. I changed his bandage today from the surgery to remove the infected graft. It was not pretty. It is an open wound. A hole in his upper arm about 2 inches above the bend on the inside of his elbow. The hole is a little bigger than the side of a quarter. It was pretty easy to do. The ace bandage gets removed, the old gauze unwrapped, an d the gauze pad removed. Then a new gauze pad is applied with a wad of neosporin. It is then rewrapped with gauze and the ace bandage gets re-applied. Not too bad. Not fun, but it could be worse!!

We do this every day for the next three weeks. Mark has to follow up with the surgeon who removed the graft. And he has to call his previous vascular surgeon for the mapping information of his veins/arteries. I should look up that information or he won’t call!!!

I guess after the wound heals, he will get his new access. We are not sure where it will be. We would like for it to be in the same place, or in that fore arm. Mark does not want the access in his right arm at all. So we will see what the surgeon has to say!!

Nearly 11:30, time to get us both ready for bed….and get some much needed rest….

The long road continues….

  1. Ronnie York
    August 4, 2010 at 12:40 PM

    So glad MArk is home. I’m keeping him in my thiughts and prayers. Give him a great big hug and kiss for me!

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