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Afraid to hope…..

….but today was a good day for us!! Mark called me about 9:30 this morning to tell me that he had already eaten breakfast, cleaned up, etc. He said he was feeling pretty good. I was happy to hear that.

I went to see him about 11:30 (in time for the line at the Reception Desk to get a visitor pass). We had lunch together, took a nap, and just giggled and laughed. Dr. Awad (who is covering for Dr. Hozayen, and also happens to be his wife — who is a pulmonologist) came to see him. She seemed pleased, and she was SOOO nice!! I might have to choose her for a new pulmonologist!!! We did find out from her that Mark’s fever last night was 99.4 at its highest point. I am afraid to hope that this is winding down, but the doctors and nurses seem to think it is a good sign.

I stayed until about 2PM…. went home, cleaned up the house, did laundry, and packed some stuff for Mark, and I went back to the hospital for 4:30. We ate dinner together. We went for a walk, and just talked. We watched some TV while snuggling in bed. We had a snack of graham crackers, and giggled a LOT!! It is so nice to see and hear Mark laugh!!

I left a little bit before 9PM. His last temperature was taken at 8:15, and it was 98.4. So far so good. We are hoping that the fevers will continue to dissapate. If they do, Dr. Ciervo wants to do the procedure to remove the temporary cathether and put in the perma-cath. That will happen ASSUMING his fevers do not come back and Dr. Doshi gives the okay to allow it.

Once the perma-cath is in, he can easily get his dialysis done, and with a bit of luck, he can go home!!! It’s hard not to hope, but having been disappointed before, I don’t want to say anything!

And Mark just called me to say good night! His nurse, Emelie, brought him a turkey sandwich as a snack because he was hungry!! I thought he would have gone to sleep, but he was watching TV!! It think the fact that he does not want to go to sleep all the time is also a good sign.

Cautiously hopeful…

  1. August 2, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    Sounds like Mark is making progress 🙂 The permanent catheter is a short and easy process, my Husband had one for the eight months he was on Dialysis. He’ll have some new ‘bling’ as I call it. A tip for when he gets home, I’m assuming he hasn’t had a perm-cath before – tape the ends at night to his chest so they don’t get in the way when he sleeps and it also helps if he wears a shirt. Nothing like rolling over and getting those bad boys caught between him and the bed … V-neck shirts or button down shirts are good choices for days on Dialysis. Wishing you two luck 🙂

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