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Hoping for the “H” word….

…. Dr. Hozayen saw Mark last night, and actually mentioned “home”…. as in sending him home.

The story is that the blood infection is gone. But Mark is still running a low grade temperature which everyone seems to believe it due to an infected dialysis graft. His arm is still swollen and semi-painful. The vascular surgeon saw him a few days ago, He said that he was hoping that long-term antibiotics would clear it up. He was hoping to save the current graft. By saving it, Mark would avoid a new perma-cath and surgery to replace the graft.

The cardiologist also said that he did not have a heart attack (which is what one of the “cardio-cronies” who saw him over the weekend thought it could be. However, the regular cardiologist does not agree, and he felt that other doctors should watch what they say. He moved Mark out of the telemetry ward, and into a regular room yesterday.

Mark said he was feeling pretty good today. He is up and semi-about. Just waiting. As we all (Me and Belle!!) here. He saw the Infectious Disease doctor. She did not like the way his arm looked, and wanted to get the Vascular Surgeon to look at it again.

I do have a gripe though. I believe that in our health care, we must be our own advocate, and we must be pro-active in our care. We have to learn to ask questions, get appropriate information, get names (a business card would be nice!!!), and most importantly, NOT be afraid to question a doctor’s orders!!

Mark does not do this. Mostly he just says, “okay”, and he leaves it at that. He never asks questions, and simply accepts everything a doctor tells him. When the cardiologist told him that he might have had a mini heart attack, he just accepted it. I would have questioned him as to why he felt this, what tests could be performed to verify this, etc.

So today when the Infectious Disease doctor wanted to have the Vascular Surgeon come in, I could understand that. But I would have and mentioned things like:

will he be in to see me today?
did we decide not to do the long-term antibiotic regimen?
Dr. Hozayen mentioned he was considering releasing me, can you give a guessimate of when this might happen?

This is just to name a few. But Mark asked nothing. He probably just said, “okay”. VERY frustrating!!! Let me talk to these doctors!! I will get answers!!!!!

Again, while I was hoping for him to have a discharge date, it does not appear that is yet. It might be sooner if Mark learns to speak up.

I guess it is another day in my life!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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